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AWS Database Migration Service


 The relationships and partnerships that we build with our clients begins with honesty and integrity. We leverage our industry knowledge to   fulfill our clients’ needs so that we can provide the absolute best service to our clients. Our clients can count on our team’s responsiveness, attention to detail, and ability to accurately determine their needs and identify top-notch   candidates in a timely manner.  Our dedicated Account teams screen our candidates extensively to ensure their experience and talents are   appropriate for the job and client culture, and they stay actively involved throughout the employment period to ensure a successful project. Our core values are focused on the highest level of professional dedication to our clients’ requirements, coupled with our desire to partner for   joint success. The care we show for our clients truly reflects the partnership we desire in every relationship. Do you currently store relational data in an on-premises Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, MariaDB, or PostgreSQL database? Would you like to move it to the AWS cloud with virtually no downtime so that you can take advantage of the scale, operational efficiency, and the multitude of data storage options that are available to you?

  If so, the new AWS Database Migration Service (DMS) is for you! First announced last fall at AWS re:Invent, our customers have already used it to migrate over 1,000 on-premises databases to AWS. You can move live, terabyte-scale databases to the cloud, with options to stick with your existing database platform or to upgrade to a new one that better matches your requirements. If you are migrating to a new database platform as part of your move to the cloud, the AWS Schema Conversion Tool will convert your schemas and stored procedures for use on the new platform.

  The AWS Database Migration Service works by setting up and then managing a replication instance on AWS. This instance unloads data from the source database and loads it into the destination database, and can be used for a one-time migration followed by on-going replication to support a migration that entails minimal downtime. Along the way DMS handles many of the complex details associated with migration, including data type transformation and conversion from one database platform to another (Oracle to Aurora, for example). The service also monitors the replication and the health of the instance, notifies you if something goes wrong, and automatically provisions a replacement instance if necessary.

  The service supports many different migration scenarios and networking options One of the endpoints must always be in AWS; the other can be on-premises, running on an EC2 instance, or running on an RDS database instance. The source and destination can reside within the same Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) or in two separate VPCs (if you are migrating from one cloud database to another). You can connect to an on-premises database via the public Internet or via AWS Direct Connect.

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