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Wireless Solution

 Wireless LANs allow workstations to communicate and to access the network using radio propagation as the transmission medium. The wireless LAN can be connected to an existing wired LAN as an extension, or can form the basis of a new network. While adaptable to both indoor and outdoor environments, wireless LANs are especially suited to indoor locations such as office buildings, manufacturing floors, hospitals, and universities. The basic building block of the wireless LAN is the cell. This is the area in which the wireless communication takes place. The coverage area of a cell depends upon the strength of the propagated radio signal and the type and construction of walls, partitions and other physical characteristics of the indoor environment. In general, a cell covers a more-or-less circular area. PC-based workstations, notebook and pen-based computers can move around freely in a cell. All radio communication in the cell is coordinated by a traffic management function. Avtech provides quality and service that is unsurpassable by any other. Let our professionals show you what hardware and software are necessary.

We offer priority service contracts for our valued customers. Customers can reserve a "block" of time, and when service is needed Avtech is on the scene swiftly with our professionals to troubleshoot your problems. We help plan your systems configuration, network configuration, and software configuration. Keep in mind that Avtech Technology Inc. is your end-to-end provider. We can plan and install your cabling needs, your computer system needs, and your network configuration needs including internet. Our team of certified professionals are prepared to serve you, the customer, and we strive on quality of service. From start to finish, and for years to come, Avtech Technology Inc. will provide you with cutting - edge solutions.

Voice Over IP

VoIP can be defined as the ability to make telephone calls (i.e., to do everything we can do today with the PSTN) and to send facsimiles over IP-based data networks with a suitable quality of service (QoS) and a much superior cost/benefit. Equipment producers see VoIP as a new opportunity to innovate and compete. The challenge for them is turning this vision into reality by quickly developing new VoIP-enabled equipment. For Internet service providers, the possibility of introducing usage-based pricing and increasing their traffic volumes is very attractive. Users are seeking new types of integrated voice/data applications as well as cost benefits. Successfully delivering voice over packet networks presents a tremendous opportunity; however, implementing the products is a straightforward a task.

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